Monday, 24 May 2010

The Rock 'n Roll Outlaw

This week I’ve still been on a Chuck-Berry kick. The more you scratch the surface with this guy the more fascinating he becomes. If you watch this clip of Michael Aspel interviewing Chuck in the 70’s you get a sense of a what a wild character he is . He not only pioneered rock ‘n roll music and rock ‘n roll guitar playing but he was also responsible for creating the template for the rock ‘n roll outlaw. His extensive criminal record includes charges for taking an underage girl across state lines, massive tax evasion (for many years he insisted promoters pay him in cash) and a class settlement for filming girls in the bathroom of his restaurant! In this interview he comes across as very intelligent and charming- and oddly self aware for a guy who later filmed girls on the loo. But something in his cheeky grin suggests there may be more mischief to come...

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